The circular logo(emblem) outlined by 3 circles represents purity in white, sacredness in orange and worldliness in green.The 6 hexagons represent dynamism, united and dependent on each other for strength. The first hexagon in the center is a clarion call to every member to serve selflessly. The surrounding 5 hexagons each represent clockwise. first the importance of knowledge, followed by the recognition of the wheel of constant change, next being the sign AUM representing openness and welcome as important values, followed by a handshake to promote friendship and togetherness', and finally the 5 rings representing the pursuit of excellence as the hallmark of success and happiness.

The logo (emblem) in totality encapsulates the spirit and the drive of the Gujarati Community in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, to excel and contribute positively to the progress and well being of the Malaysian Society.